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Author Resources

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Graphic Design

A graphic design program you can use to make promo images, book covers, bookmarks, flyers, etc.

There is a free version and a paid version. The free version has quite a lot available, but fewer options for fonts, images, etc.
Diy Book Covers
A free program where you can input your book cover and output 3-D book images for promos.
Amazon Bestsellers Lists
*Tip: Browse Amazon's bestseller list in your genre to study what other covers in your genre look like. Your goal is not to stand out, but to fit in.

I'd also recommend looking for FB groups for cover critique, if you are making your own covers.
Reputable, paid sites where you can purchase images to use for book covers, ads, promos, etc.

Free sites where you can download images that should be free for commercial use.

(Note: There is always a risk when using free pictures, because sometimes these sites haven't gotten the proper permissions to give away these photos for free use. I would recommend paying for your photos, to be safe.)
Indie Cover Project
A great FB group where you can post the covers you're working on and get feedback.
KDP Cover Calculator 
Cover template calculator from Amazon. Plug in your book's information to get a template for creating your book cover.

Website & Newsletter


Reputable website builders for creating your author website.
(Note: I used Wix to create this site you are on now.)
An alternative to a full-website. It's easier to set-up, but more limited.

Newsletter platforms that will host and organize your mailing list.
Newsletter Ninja: Author Think Tank
A fantastic Facebook group for authors who need help with their Newsletter. 

The group is run by the author of the book The Newsletter Ninjawhich I also highly recommend.

Writing & Editing

An alternative to Microsoft Word, for drafting your novel, with many great features specific for novel-writing.
A resource for organizing your outlines and story bibles.
Ask a Book Editor
A great FB group where you can ask editing-related questions, and editors will respond to help you.
The National Novel Writing Month's official website. Make an account, post a project, and try to write 50k words in a month!

(Note: the forums section of the NaNoWriMo website can be very useful for community, research, and advice.)
Copyright Registration
The official government site for you to register your copyright.

Two different programs that make formatting a book simple.
(Note: Vellum is only available for Mac users, and Atticus is for PC.)

Publishing & Marketing

A hub of many great resources. Blurb HTML generators, QR code generators, Amazon sales/royalty calculators, and many great tutorial videos on self-publishing.
Publisher Rocket
A program that will help you choose categories and keywords that will help your book sell. Utilizes the data of Amazon sales, rather than just taking a stab in the dark when choosing your keywords.
Run by Amazon. A site primarily for readers to post book reviews and organize the books they want to read in the future.

As an author, you will want to have a page set up here, but please note that interacting with reader reviews is frowned upon. Readers want to feel their space here is private.
I Need a Goodreads Librarian
A great FB group where you can ask Goodreads Librarians for assistance if you run into issues with your Goodreads author page.
A site where you can publish outside of Amazon. Upload your book files and they will publish them widely (Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc.)
A great place for readers to follow you, get alerts when you release a book, and for you to run ads and other paid promotions.
A site that creates Universal Book Links (UBL). This is one link that will show your readers everywhere your book is available for purchase.

(Note: See examples of UBLs if you visit the "Books" section of this website and click on a "Other Retailers" button.)

Tools useful for giving away books, sending out ARCs, joining promos/newsletter swaps with other authors.
The Fussy Librarian

Reputable sites to pay for free/sale promos.

Local Resources

The Redding Writers Forum
Website for the local Redding Writers Forum.
Redding Wrimos
The FB group for the local Redding community of NaNoWriMo participants.
The RWF Facebook Group
The FB group for the local Redding Writers Forum.

YouTube Channels

When in doubt, if you need help with something, search on YouTube. There will almost always be something there to help you. Here are some general channels I recommend.
The Writing Gals
Especially great for indie romance writing and publishing advice.
Jenna Moreci
Especially great for indie marketing advice for new authors.
Alexa Donne
Especially great for traditional publishing advice.
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