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“He didn’t have to hide his scars, because she had them too.

He didn’t have to be whole when he was with her, because she wasn’t either.

They could just be broken together.”

Jacob Perry is about to be a free man.


After eight years of court mandated incarceration in the psychiatric ward of Bellevue hospital, Jacob is being released. As he embarks on the next part of his journey, he must learn how to balance his new identity with the man he used to be.


With his freedom comes new difficulties: navigating college for the first time, finding a job with a criminal record, dealing with a parole officer who hates him, and trying to maintain new relationships with friends who can never know the truth about his dark past.


But when he meets a sassy, mysterious woman with secrets of her own, he’s faced with another unexpected challenge: romance. As she slips her way into his life with her endearing wit, this new level of intimacy causes Jacob to face the question he’s been trying so desperately to avoid. 


Is it possible that someone could know him – all of him – and love him anyway?

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