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“Whatever this is, I have a feeling it's
just the beginning."

It was just a drunken mistake. It didn’t mean anything. Right?


Charlotte Benson was just starting to feel at home in the charming small town of Greenwood, Kansas. She had a new home with her aunt, new friends, and a new boyfriend whose dependability and bright smile kept her afloat in the wake of her parents’ death.


So why did that damn billionaire have to go and ruin everything?


Arie Astor has a lot on his plate. With his father gone, all of the responsibilities of Astor Industries have fallen on him. Add to that the massive bombshell revealed in his father’s will, exposing long-kept family secrets that challenge everything Arie thought he knew about his life, and it’s no wonder his inhibitions have been a little low lately. Can anyone blame him for not having the strength to keep his lips to himself?


Determined to leave that moment of weakness in the past, Arie focuses his attention on searching for his biological father, and Charlotte pours her energy into designing Greenwood’s new community center.

Leaning In Paperback Mockup.png

Everything is business as usual. But can they both forget about that night and keep their feelings to themselves?

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