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What do you do when the thing you want the most is the one thing you’re forbidden to have?


For Billionaire Bachelor Arie Astor, the dilemma is strong. His heart is torn between his loyalty to Bryce, his oldest and dearest friend, and his growing feelings for Charlotte, Bryce’s ex-girlfriend. He’s determined to do the right thing—whatever that is—but when his search for his biological father sparks a level of anxiety completely new to him, who else could he turn to for support but Charlotte, the girl who knows his secrets better than anyone?


As shared secrets and emotional bonds continue to push Arie and Charlotte together, their feelings grow beyond containment. But if they’re really going to give this thing a shot, they will have to keep their controversial relationship a secret from the ravenous press until they’ve garnered enough courage to face their most difficult challenge so far: telling Bryce the truth.


The swoon-worthy finale you’ve all been waiting for, Letting Go is the third and final installment of the Greenwood Trilogy. Watch as Charlotte and Arie learn to let go of the hurts of their pasts and their fears for the future, opening the door for their long-awaited happily ever after.

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