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The Redemption Series


Keep No Record

Young, confident, and a bit too naive for the big city, Criminal Psychologist Sarah Parker has been hired to help track down Jacob Perry – a notorious killer who has evaded the police for years. If she can bring him to justice, she just might prove that she's worthy of a permanent position with the department.


In one tense moment of being in the right place at the right time, she finds herself alone, face to face with the object of the hunt. To keep him from killing again, she heroically offers her companionship to the lonely man. In exchange, he guarantees the safety of his next intended victim... (READ MORE)


Broken Together

Jacob Perry is about to be a free man.

After eight years of court mandated incarceration in the psychiatric ward of Bellevue hospital, Jacob is being released. As he embarks on the next part of his journey, he must learn how to balance his new identity with the man he used to be.


With his freedom comes new difficulties: navigating college for the first time, finding a job with a criminal record, dealing with a parole officer who hates him, and trying to maintain new relationships with friends who can never know the truth about his dark past... (READ MORE)

The Greenwood Trilogy

Moving On Paperback Mockup.png

Moving On

Still reeling from the unexpected death of her parents, Charlotte Benson is whisked away by her aunt to the charming small town of Greenwood, Kansas.

Without the comforting foundation of her mother and their adventurous life together, Charlotte's future is now a blank canvas. A fairytale romance with Bryce, the local farmer's all-American football-loving son, might be just the touch of traditional stability Charlotte needs to help her rediscover her place in this world.

But when the town's resident billionaire returns home from a long sabbatical, his life of culture and travel reminds Charlotte of everything she's lost... (READ MORE)

Leaning In

Leaning In Paperback Mockup.png

Charlotte Benson was just starting to feel at home in the charming small town of Greenwood, Kansas. She had a new home with her aunt, new friends, and a new boyfriend whose dependability and bright smile kept her afloat in the wake of her parents’ death.


So why did that damn billionaire have to go and ruin everything?

Arie Astor has a lot on his plate. With his father gone, all of the responsibilities of Astor Industries have fallen on him. Add to that the massive bombshell revealed in his father’s will, exposing long-kept family secrets that challenge everything Arie thought he knew about his life, and it’s no wonder his inhibitions have been a little low lately. Can anyone blame him for not having the strength to keep his lips to himself? (READ MORE)

Letting Go

Letting Go Paperback Mockup.png

What do you do when the thing you want the most is the one thing you’re forbidden to have?

For Billionaire Bachelor Arie Astor, the dilemma is strong. His heart is torn between his loyalty to Bryce, his oldest and dearest friend, and his growing feelings for Charlotte, Bryce’s ex-girlfriend. He’s determined to do the right thing—whatever that is—but when his search for his biological father sparks a level of anxiety completely new to him, who else could he turn to for support but Charlotte, the girl who knows his secrets better than anyone?

As shared secrets and emotional bonds continue to push Arie and Charlotte together, their feelings grow beyond containment. But if they’re really going to give this thing a shot, they will have to keep their controversial relationship a secret from the ravenous press until they’ve garnered enough courage to face their most difficult challenge so far: telling Bryce the truth... (READ MORE)

The Marriage Material Series

Working with the Enemy

MM1 Mockup for Paperback.png

Marriage Material is the hottest reality dating show on air!


Workaholic Andrea “Andi” Starr is determined to boost her career by becoming the showrunner to the highly acclaimed program. She tries to ignore her status as the black sheep of the family, as Andi trades expectations of wedding bells and diapers for red carpets and prime-time Emmys. But Andi has two big hurdles standing in her way: the fact that she doesn’t believe in the magic of true love and her exasperating co-worker, Maxwell Bloom.


Max’s cutting wit and snarky banter masks the heart of someone who truly believes in the show’s mission. Yet, this hopeless romantic is drowning in the failure of his own marriage. He throws more passion into his work and aims for the showrunner position against Andi, desperate to prove to himself that he doesn’t ruin everything he touches. (READ MORE)

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