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He's looking for love.
She just wants a free vacation.

Ravi Singh is slated to be Marriage Material’s very first Leading Man, ready to embark on the awkward journey of dating twenty women at the same time in hopes that one might become his happily-ever-after. His last appearance on the show may have ended in heartbreak, but Ravi is determined to make this season count. He will not go home empty-handed again.


Amara Amin is desperate to get her family off her back about settling down. Her mother and sister have been pushing her to sign up for their favorite reality dating show, and this season, Amara finally decides to give in. Her plan: spend the next few weeks chilling in the pool at the Marriage Material mansion—cocktail in hand—and fly under the radar until the Leading Man gives her the boot.


But all of Amara’s plans go right out the window the second she meets the sexy surgeon she’s supposed to fall in love with. Because much to Amara’s dismay, Ravi seems to only have eyes for one woman—her.


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