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"Love keeps no record
of wrongs."

Young, confident, and a bit too naive for the big city, Criminal Psychologist Sarah Parker has been hired to help track down Jacob Perry – a notorious killer who has evaded the police for years. If she can bring him to justice, she just might prove that she's worthy of a permanent position with the department.


In one tense moment of being in the right place at the right time, she finds herself alone, face to face with the object of the hunt. To keep him from killing again, she heroically offers her companionship to the lonely man. In exchange, he guarantees the safety of his next intended victim.


Unexpectedly, a connection builds between the two who are on opposite sides of the law. Learning about Jacob's dark past increases Sarah's feelings of compassion – possibly even love – for the man she is supposed to fear.


Now she finds herself forced to choose: secure her dream job by bringing Jacob to justice, or aid him in his pursuit of redemption — taking the risk that he'll betray her trust and slip from her fingers once again.

What will she choose?

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