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"I felt like a work of art. Unfinished art, perhaps, but sometimes that's the best kind."

Still reeling from the unexpected death of her parents, Charlotte Benson is whisked away by her aunt to the charming farm town of Greenwood, Kansas.


Without the comforting foundation of her mother and their adventurous life together, Charlotte's future is now a blank canvas. A fairytale romance with Bryce, the local farmer’s football-loving son, might be just the touch of traditional stability Charlotte needs to help her rediscover her place in this world.


But when the town’s resident billionaire returns home from a long sabbatical, his life of culture and travel reminds Charlotte of everything she’s lost. Along with the mysterious man comes the realization that even without her mother, this life might still have some adventures to offer. But will she have the courage to face her grief and search for them?

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A heartwarming, slow-burn, friends to lovers romance trilogy that will leave you aching for the next book the second you turn the final page.

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