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Workaholic Andrea “Andi” Starr is determined to boost her career by becoming the showrunner to the highly acclaimed program. She tries to ignore her status as the black sheep of the family, as Andi trades expectations of wedding bells and diapers for red carpets and prime-time Emmys. But Andi has two big hurdles standing in her way: the fact that she doesn’t believe in the magic of true love and her exasperating co-worker, Maxwell Bloom.


Max’s cutting wit and snarky banter masks the heart of someone who truly believes in the show’s mission. Yet, this hopeless romantic is drowning in the failure of his own marriage. He throws more passion into his work and aims for the showrunner position against Andi, desperate to prove to himself that he doesn’t ruin everything he touches.


Since Andi and Max’s past spats have put a stain on their potential as effective leaders, they agree to put it behind them. Despite the two rivals’ attempts to find balance between competition and professionalism, frustrations rise and tempers flare—and an undeniable attraction comes into frame.


After all, how professional can you be while

Working with the Enemy?

Marriage Material is the hottest reality dating show on air!
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